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Payment processing made simple.

It's not something you think about until the time comes to choose a merchant services platform. But that one decision could cost you or save you thousands of dollars each month. Our only goal is to provide the best possible system, rates, and service to every business we meet!

We understand your challenges with Credit Card Processing  and have created the perfect solution.

You've spent countless hours building your business and making decisions from one end to the other. It's time to make sure that your decision about how you're going to receive payments keeps the maximum amount of profit in your pocket each month.


That's what we do, payment processing, credit card processing & point of sale solutions. And the great news is, you can always assess what you have and where you are, and thankfully, make changes along the way. 


About MBS

It all starts with listening. You aren't just another business, this is your business with your goals.


POS systems and credit card rates may all achieve the same goal, but how they get there and perform can be worlds apart. We take our decades of experience and truly tailor an end-to-end payment processing solution that best fits where you need to be, all at costs you can manage.


How we set you up for success!


Time for questions!

How you will take credit card processing data? In-person, mobile, e-Commerce, or over the phone. Will you run more than $1M with American Express? Do you need to track inventory? Do you need to integrate into QuickBooks? What is your refund policy and what are your operational procedures to handle chargebacks? And so on, and so on...


Popular Brands

If it's new, we have it, and that means you get to choose from systems vetted and proven in the marketplace.

Custom Systems

No matter what the business or application, we have a solid merchant services solution you can afford to make you and your customers happy.

Size Doesn't Matter

Just starting? Need mobile flexibility? Run a traditional storefront? We have solutions to fit any size business with ease.

Powerful Solutions

Need a system to run a large, networked environment while staying up to date with each terminal and item for sale? We've got that too!


A difficult decision made easy.

Because we're an Independent payment processing company helping business owners make sense of Commerce Solutions; Merchant Services, Point-of-Sale Systems, Mobile Payments, rewards, and Loyalty & Gift Card Solutions, we'll help you find the best fit for your business.

We work in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas to help businesses identify optimal payment solutions including Point of Sale solutions that integrate into QuickBooks, Credit Card payments, and mobile payments. Discount for Cash and Convenience fees changes the entire paradigm for a business owner by saving 90-95% per month on merchant fees.

Our solution partners


Let us make you a raving fan!

"Natalie is incredibly customer service oriented. She goes out of her way to make sure every customer feels like the only customer. On top of that, she always has access to cutting-edge technology. If you own a business that uses point of sale and credit card transactions, you can do no better than Merchant Broker Services."

Todd W
Law Office of Todd A. Wilson

"My company switched to Natalie’s company from Square. We have a better rate and a service person to speak with if issues arise! Highly recommend you give her a call!"

Bonnie W
Business Cards on Demand

"Natalie has been great at bringing new payment processing solutions forward that have saved us money and time and her customer service has always been excellent. We highly recommend Merchant Broker Services!"

Adrian F

Google Reviews

I've been with Natalie & her merchant services for more than 5 years. Her rates are very competitive. She is responsive & treats her accounts with the personal attention any business owner would expect . This is not an area of my business that has required much attention over the years which frankly is a great sign.

Kevin Hoffarth


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Whatever question you might have, we're a great place to start. No pressure, just answers!


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